Submarine Sandwich Concept Art #4

  • Submarine Sandwich Concept Art #4
  • Submarine Sandwich Concept Art #4

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An original watercolor painting by PES of the 1920's deli case featured in his short film Submarine Sandwich.  This concept art shows the intended deli case layout, with boxing gloves (italian meats) at the top, footballs (roast beefs) on the middle shelf,  baseball gloves (turkey) and hockey gloves (weiners) on the bottom shelf, with off-white soccer ball and punching bag (cheeses) in the lower right corner of the cabinet.

This concept piece also includes indication that the price tags in the meat are to be famous jersey numbers from sports.  Includes Jackie Robinson #42, Wayne Gretzky #99, OJ Simpson/Jim Brown #32, Lawrence Taylor #56, Jerry Rice #80, Michael Jordon #23, Mario Lemieux #66, Walter Payton #34 (not included in final film), Reggie Jackson/Hank Aaron #44.  

Watercolor.  9 x12.  Signed by PES.  On Arches 140lb hot pressed (smooth) watercolor paper.


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