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  • Online Class with PES
  • Online Class with PES

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Take an online class with PES on the Skillshare Network.  8 lessons, 72 minutes total. PES talks about his influences and inspirations, techniques and creative habits.  

Filmed in PES's Inglewood studio, and out and about in Los Angeles, this is the best way to get to know PES a little better. 

Access the class through this link:

From Skillshare: "Learn to craft a witty and surprising 1-second film. In this one-hour class, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker PES walks through his creative process for developing concepts, crafting narratives, capturing film, and editing a final stop-motion piece. This whimsical class is perfect for artists, filmmakers, storytellers, and marketers all looking to quickly engage and delight audiences."

Note: Access to PES's class also gains you access to hundreds of other classes on the Skillshare Network featuring influential designers, artists, architects, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and more.