PES's Fireplace DVD

  • PES's Fireplace DVD
  • PES's Fireplace DVD

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UPDATE!: a 2-hour, newly-remastered 4K version of PES's Fireplace is now available for free streaming right here:  Enjoy!


Transform your TV into a crackling candy corn fireplace with this iconic loop created by PES.  A send-up of the classic televised Yule Log - a holiday tradition in the US - PES's junk food version features candy corn flames flickering atop a pile of pretzel logs.   We have only a handful of these first-edition DVDs left. 

  • Great for parties
  • Loops continuously - no need to reset
  • Crackling sounds and flicker simulate real fireplace
  • Contains both widescreen (16:9) and standard (4:3) versions
  • Full quality audio

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