Submarine Sandwich Concept Art #3

  • Submarine Sandwich Concept Art #3
  • Submarine Sandwich Concept Art #3

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This is an original watercolor/colored pencil by PES for his film Submarine Sandwich.

This piece shows PES's plan for revealing the SUBMARINE at the end of the film, after the entire sandwich has been made.  It shows how PES's hands were to flip over the bread revealing the submarine top, giving the film its memorable final image. 

PES's decision to hold the submarine reveal till the end of the film, rather than establishing the identity of the bread up front, was an out-of-sequence departure from the linear style of editing he used in Western Spaghetti and Fresh Guacamole, but was an important creative choice allowing Submarine Sandwich to end on a strong reveal/twist.

Watercolor and colored pencil.  9 x 12in.  Signed by PES.  On archival, acid-free Arches 140lb hot pressed (smooth) watercolor paper.